• Oregon Licensed Security Officers
  • Visible Deterrent
  • Customized Protocols
  • Secure Job Sites
  • Proper Etiquette
  • Report Writing
  • Foot Patrols
  • Defensive Tactics
  • Baton Training
  • Handcuffing
  • Electronic Touring Systems
  • Camera Monitoring
  • Evacuation Tactics
  • Customized Duties
  • Guard Shack Access Control
  • Logistic Security
  • Safety Training
  • Retail working with Loss Prevention
  • Movie Screenings
  • Film Set Security
  • Security Consulting

Available 24 Hours

This Division consists of unarmed Oregon licensed security officers that act as a visible deterrent, conduct foot patrols, follow customized protocols, secure job sites, and provide outstanding customer service.

All Supervisors and officers are well versed in proper etiquette and manners so as to make all interactions with patrons, customers, and personnel, positive and beneficial to the businesses image.

Our focus since we first opened up for business in 2001, has been providing the highest level of customer service in the security market. To improve the image of security, improves our industry as whole but also the place of business where we provide it.

We are experienced in report writing, foot patrols, security protocols, electronic touring system, camera monitoring, evacuation tactics, and any other customized duties that we can accommodate.

Rovers provides uniform officers to secure property or sites 24 hours a day or whatever hours we customize to fit the security plan or budget. We can also provide undercover unarmed security, to work with in the work place and act as a regular employee but keep management informed of any internal activity which could be illegal or pose safety issues.

We provide at no additional cost, an SOD (Supervisor on Duty, DPSST Licensed Supervisor) that drives around to each site in a company logo vehicle, to conduct site evaluations of each officer. To include: Uniform check, DAR (Daily Activity Report) inspection, site Post Orders are up to date, conduct a patrol with officer on site, and maintain constant communication with 2 hour check ins via Nextel two way radio.


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